Yoga Could Kill You

February 22, 2012

The Science writer for The New York Times, William J Broad has highlighted the possibility of serious health risks associated with yoga. Speaking on the Today programme on Radio 4 recently, the author stated that in his view some yoga poses have extremely high consequences which could lead to death.


The positive effects of yoga are well documented and this ancient discipline originating in India is renowned for having physical and psychological benefits. It has been claimed that yoga can help an ailing sex life, reduce stress and increase longevity. How shocking then to discover that if not done properly, yoga can kill you.


William Broad has been practising yoga since 1970 and loves it, but whilst he was compiling research for his book; ‘The science of Yoga Risks and Rewards’, he discovered to his horror that there are some poses that can be extremely dangerous.   Shoulder stand and plough are inversions which tend to be for more advanced people, but these positions are also found in many less advanced classes and can cause health complications.  It seems that the neck is the part of the body that can cause major problems if twisted too much. The vertebral arteries that supply blood to various parts of the brain are quite fragile and if twisted too strenuously the linings of these arteries can tear. This in turn can lead to clots which can cause a stroke. William Broad asserted that it is estimated that one in twenty people who suffer strokes because of these vertebral dissections will die.


Sarah Montague, the presenter posited the idea that they were just freak accidents, but William Broad informed her that there were many clinical reports of yoga practitioners suffering these types of strokes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the USA has gathered data from emergency rooms citing these types of injuries and there are also surveys of people reporting strokes caused by yoga. The author stressed that he didn’t embark on five years of research for his book thinking the worst and he wanted to emphasise that these are small dangers and that things can be done to lessen the risk. Pierre Bibby, the chief executive of the British Wheel of Yoga suggests the problem is not with yoga per se, rather the way it is taught that could cause problems, so obviously it is important yoga is practiced properly under the guidance of an expert practitioner. There may be inexperienced teachers who are not always aware that people in their class are not as flexible as they are. We all have varying levels of flexibility and limits vary from person to person. In a class environment it is difficult to keep an eye on all of those participating whereas personal trainers would be able to focus on the individual since personal training is usually carried out on a one to one basis.


When embarking on any fitness activity it is important to make sure your instructor or personal trainer is qualified and insured, so that you exercise within safe limits. There are some intrinsic risks, but in general yoga is a positive experience.


Carl Rogie’s 4th Birthday Party

June 17, 2009
Carl Rogie Celebrated his 4th Birthday Party with Jolibee at Lamb of God Sped Academy, Victoria Plaza, Davao City
June 15, 2009

Carl’s Recognition Day at Lamb of God Sped Academy (LGSA) Davao

March 25, 2009

I was shock and can’t believe that my boy (Carl) got an award in school.. the least award I ever expect he would receive.. wanna guess?

LOL.. he got the “Most Behaved” award.. the exact opposite of  what he is at home. Well, according to his teacher, he is really behave at school and he actually deserve that award.

Below is my picture with him pinning his ribbon as well as another remembrance picture from his Nursery teacher Ms.Gretchen.

Manuel’s Elimination on Pinoy Fear Factor Disappoints Me

February 18, 2009

Even how busy I am with my daily task, I make sure to watch Pinoy Fear Factor every night. This evening, the result of the elimination disappoints me. I was not expecting Manuel to be eliminated. Manuel was my bet to be the First Pinoy Fear Factor Winner – El Ultimo Participante…. unfortunately he got the longest time on the stunt “Ang Mailibing ng Buhay”.

I know Manuel was also disappointed that he got the longest time in the last and final week of Pinoy fear factor. He was one of the tough participants and was able to break and set records on most of the stunts.. unfortunately I guess being the El Ultimo Participante is not for him.

Now I just don’t feel like watching pinoy fear factor anymore…I don’t like any of the remaining participants. Now, I don’t care whoever wins … good thing is they are ending this week.


I guess if Manuel was eliminated because he really got the longest time and that Janna was not help by the PFF staff during that “Ang Mailibing ng Buhay” stunt, Manuel’s elimination could have been more acceptable and less disappointing to many.

Send your Break-up Story and Get a T-Shirt for FREE

December 24, 2008


I was searching for some break-up advice when I came across this website giving away free t-shirts by simply sending them your best break-up story.

Well, I believe one way to deal with being dumped is to share it with your friends. But if you are not yet ready to talk it out with friends, why not write about it and send it to You don’t only give yourself a chance to pour out all those heartaches but you also get yourself a chance to win one of their limited t-shirts.

Here’s what you need to do:

Email them your best break-up story on their website at, and they will send you a FREE Wake Up To A Break Up 100% cotton t-shirt with one of these slogans:

“It’s Not You, It’s Me”
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Include your mailing address (we won’t publish) and your size (S,M,L) in your email.
While supplies last.

So what are you waiting for? I already wrote them my best break-up story and expecting my FREE t-shirt!

A Post Birthday Gift

September 9, 2008

I was checking my emails today and I saw this one email coming from someone close to me with a subject : “Happy Birthday Angie!

I thought it was just an ordinary email to send his warmest birthday greetings but I was shock to see that this is something else.

See image below:

A post birthday Gift

A post birthday Gift

(sorry he don’t want his name to be published and I don’t want to post it either) 😉

This is something I didn’t expect. Thanks a lot for this one. I really appreciate it!

Anyone who wants to join me on my post birthday celebration? 😉