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July 26, 2006


Chocolates! Yummy! yummy! yummy! Who can say no to them? Maybe, diabetic persons may do, but hey sugar free chocolates are now available in local supermarkets for them to enjoy!I can’t simply say no to chocolates! This is one of my favorites and I make sure to store a pack in the refrigerator. How I wish I have a refrigerator that never run out of chocolates! Wow!That would surely be great!


Writing… my undeveloped skill

July 20, 2006

Do you ever wonder how a journalist can start writing about something and turn it out into an interesting topic? Would you believe if I tell you that you can do the same?

I’ve learned from my writing class in college that the first thing you need in order to start writing is a subject to discuss or talk about. You must locate your center of interest and make sure to write something that maybe useful to your reader. This is the part that brings trouble to mostly of us. We tend to worry on what to write that could benefit our reader.

Our professor would always remind us that, worrying can’t help a lot in writing. Worrying increases anxiety, and ideas you don’t write down is forgotten. A good way to begin is to write. Don’t worry so much about your subject – start writing.

Write down anything you want. Allow yourself to make mistakes. A mistake often leads to new discoveries. Get carried away. Then pause and try to go through what you have written. Look for similarities, identify the most important parts, and arrange them. You will be amazed to know how good your writing skills are.

I am not a writer myself but these ideas have helped me a lot to begin this blog. Just the exact way I did in writing this one! Isn’t it amazing?