Infelixdisinternettopia, what does this word actually mean? Oh, nothing much. It’s actually a word I made up to describe the state of being unproductive because of the absence of internet in a certain place. Sounds cool? Hehehe Let me explain it in details.

Infelix is a latin word that means unproductive. I learned all about this word from the Latin Dictionary Online.

Dis is a prefix that means “not” or “not any”. Dis- came into English from the Old French prefix des-, which in turn came from the Latin prefix dis-, which came from the adverb dis-, meaning “apart, asunder.” Please check here.

Internet, who else don’t know what is this all about? If you are reading this one, I’m sure you know what an internet is but for the benefits of those who don’t really know kindly check out Wikipedia for the definition. No further explanations.

Topia is a greek word that means place. Example, Utopia, this means no place. The “U” derived from the word “eu” which means not or non.

Now you have the idea how I made out that word. I just can’t imagine how things would be without the internet. I might turn out suffering from infelixdisinternettopia. How about you?


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