sleepyArticle submission is so boring that make me sleepy at work. If only this thing won’t help in generating incoming links to my site, I would not do it. Yes, you read it right article submission is one of the best ways to create traffic to your site and it can be totally free!

The best way to start is writing your own article. An article is a story about something you are familiar or interested to talk about. It is usually compose of 300 to 1500 words. To start, you must choose a topic and keep on writing. Writing articles is best if you try to discuss your topic to a friend. Then you try to recall the conversation and start typing. Then go back what you have written and try to check for errors, such as typo, grammar, and spelling.

Oh, I’m not really good at article writing, but somehow doing those things is effective. I’ve tried it several times and I was able to make an article myself.

So now, if you are after of generating incoming links, you better start doing what I’m doing. You see this thing is boring but you’ll have your price at the end. Keep on submitting!


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