Blog blog blog… do they really make sense?

Would you believe me if I tell you that I’m working on almost 100 blogs a day?  Yup.. you read it right… I was blogging for the entire eight hours.. and I don’t know if its making any sense after all!

Well, well, well, according to a friend it does. Aside that it gives open source information it also create back links to other sites for free! No wonder, I was ask to do a 100 of them. Tsk tsk..

Anyway, doing blogs doesn’t really need lots of thinking. You can do blogs even if you are not a professional writer, you can write anything you want … either sensible or not! Either informative or something about yourself.

Anybody is capable of doing her own blog. So why not start doing yours too? See, I’m not a good writer… but it seems blogging could help me to become one. Hehehe I’m crossing my fingers.

Wish me luck!


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