I Miss My Blog

This blog has not been updated for quite some time. well well… as i’ve said… writing is not really my passion… I could sing, dance and act, I’m a BORN DIVA not a writer. hehehe kidding…

Ask me, what made me write today? Oh well… those pageranks really put a smile on my face. It gives meaning to my work. It’s the apple of my eye. hahahaha Well, I’m just so inspired today wasn’t really expecting them to show up as early as now. I never thought those NUMBERS could really make me sooo sooo INSPIRED! They give meaning to my existence! hahahaha

I don’t really care about Pageranks before, I don’t even know they exist! hahaha I love surfing the net, but I don’t know that sites are rank in search engines. I don’t know how a links work( I don’t know a thing about HTML)…. I just know what a link looks like. (that blue thing that when you click could transfer you to another site? hahaha) Never thought its something so important for website to be on top pages.

Those old days… it didn’t cross my mind that one day i’ll be working on these things. I never thought I could be somebody who I am today. Spending more than 8 hours a day on the web, doing some links, keyword search, blogging and keep checking those ranks!

I’m really so thankful to that one person who trusted me that I could possibly do these things. (Guess who?) hahaha Clue: he’s the most handsome guy on earth. (Kidding!)

Thanks sir for giving me a chance to work with you… I never thought I could really appreciate and love this job soooooooooooo much.

Keep on reading my blogs… I will tell you more about that guy soon.


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