Spending Christmas with my Hubby and Kiddo!

My Family

Christmas was one of the best time of the year. Its the day of giving and remembering the birth of Jesus… and for me its the best day to spend time with my family especially my kiddo because Christmas means no work! yeheey!

I was able to grab a 4 days rest since Saturday… and for almost 6 month working at AOV this is the longest time that I was not able to use the internet and also the longest time I spend quality time for my hubby and baby.

On saturday, the 23rd, we joined the family day and HS class reunion of my mom. It was lots of fun and of course there are lots of food too. My mom was even crowned as their class muse! (Maybe I could share some of her pics here soon)

The 24th was spent mostly at home except on midnight where we attended the midnight mass. Same with 25th and 26th. For others… it may seems to be a usual day where you spend the rest of the day at home playing with your kid, cooking some dinner, talking to your husband, watching movies and sleeping together. Yet for me… this is the most quality time I ever spend with my family.

This is one of the best Christmas that ever happen in my life. 🙂


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    I see your husband still looks gorgeous, eh? You have a lovely kid out there… Thanx for sharing…

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