The Beat is on for Iloilo City’s Dinagyang 2007 Festival!

The Iloilo City government and Iloilo Dinagyang Foundation Incorporated (IDFI) has just confirmed the list of the following 20 competing ati tribes this coming Dinagyang 2007. Previous report of eliminating 5 not performing so well tribes will be given a chance to perform this year and IDFI will just implement the plan for next years competition. Additional subsidy will also be release.

The 20 competing ati tribes are:

  1. Tribu Atub-Atub
  2. Tribu Molave
  3. Tribu Pag-asa
  4. Tribu Parianon
  5. Tribu Baryohanon
  6. Tribu Kalubihan
  7. Tribu Angola
  8. Tribu Familia Sagrada
  9. Tribu Panaad
  10. Tribu Dagyaw-Ta
  11. Tribu Himala
  12. Tribu Hamili
  13. Tribu Aninipay
  14. Tribu Bantu
  15. Tribu Halimaw
  16. Tribu Ilonganon
  17. Tribu San Pedro
  18. Tribu Ang Taga Jaro
  19. Tribu Silak
  20. Tribu Paghidaet

The Dinagyang 2007 Ati competition will be on January 28, 2007. See you all here, Hala Bira! Viva Señor Santo Niño!



  1. […] has listed the complete list of the 20 tribes to perform during the Dinagyang ATI competition, the main highlight of the festival. She also mentions about the unfortunate fate of 5 low […]

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