Guimbal Church, Guimbal Iloilo

Build in 1774 by a Spanish Priest, Father Campos, Guimbal Church is considered as one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. It’s color is one of its unique features. The walls are made of yellow stones called igang.

Guimbal Iloilo is a town around 30-45minutes away from Iloilo City.

Guimbal Church


Guimbal Church, Guimbal Iloilo



  1. 1

    Hehehe, this one of the landmarks in that town. its where i grow up… a very peaceful town. but need to go away to find my future…

  2. 3
    Mae Says:

    do you know anybody with the surname Garde in the area?

  3. 4

    Yes I know garde family

  4. 5
    mary annc.garibay Says:

    my hometown,beautiful and peaceful place to live.

  5. 6

    hmm,so many great memories cme to moms a gargaritano,i stayed in guimbal for 3 years stayed with my lola wich i miss so much,magsaysay st was where i stayed.Beautiful town Australia is where i am and where im born but my heritage heart and family is guimbal and iloilo city..

  6. 7
    Robert Flor Says:

    My name is Robert Flor and I live in Seattle. My father was Vincent Flor and my uncle was Baltazar. They immigrated to the US in 1932 and 1920 respectively. They were born in Iloilo. My grandparents were Lino and Marta (Fernandez) Flor.
    I recently discovered my uncle’s baptism certificate in trunks I inherited when my father passed away. My uncle was baptized in Parroquia de Guimbal which I believe is the parish church of Guimbal on February 6, 1900. My great grandparents were Severino y Petra Alegado (father’s side) and (mother’s side) Guillermo y Guillerma Famoro. My brother Michael, his wife Elisa del Rosario and children Christopher and Beija will be visiting Iloilo in December. We are all interested in our geneology and wanted to know if there is someone who might show them the church.
    Salamat po,
    Robert Francis Flor

  7. 9
    Robert Flor Says:

    My sister-in-law, Elisa del Rosario, the smart one in our family, looked at the baptism certificate and figured out that our great grandparents were Severino Flor and Petro Alegado (father’s side) and Guillermo Fernandez and Gullerma Famoro (mother’s side). She applied the Spanish way for assigning surnames.

    Thus, my father, Vincent Flor and my uncle, Baltazar (Bob) Flor, both used Fernandez as their middle name. Now, it makes sense.

    So, Michael, Elisa and their children will be in Iloilo in December for a few weeks. If you know someone who knows the history of Iloilo families and who might show them Guilbal Church you can e-mail me at:

  8. 10
    Steve Renouf Says:

    My wife’s Granada family is from Guimbal (before 1900). Are there still Granadas living in Guimbal? Salamat po.

    • 11
      Arleen Virgilio Granada Says:

      hello steve. the granada’s in guimbal is a vanishing breed. we’re getting low in number. we held a reunion in guimbal last august of 2009. we’re looking to hold another one in 2012. contact me should you want to learn more about our clan.

      • 12
        leda granada Says:


        Yes, a vanishing breed but there are some in Cadiz City and
        originated in either Guimbal or Guimaras.

      • 13
        jose j.g. granada Says:

        arleen good to know that u have incoming reunion on 2012 hope to know more, im from granada of isabela neg. occ. great grand father is florentino garruvillo granada.from guimbal 1800

      • 14
        jose j.g. granada Says:

        arleen ive heard that my grand father cousin melecio granada went back to guimbal from isabela.

      • 15
        Arleen V.O. Granada Says:

        Hello Leda. I know Nonoy (Homobono) Granada who is from Cadiz. We were in Manila during the latter part of 70s.

      • 16
        Arleen V.O. Granada Says:

        I know that the Granada’s in Guimbal, Iloilo City, Guimaras and Negros are related.

      • 17
        arn d. granada Says:

        Arleen, wwhat specific date ang reunion ng mga Granada? and Where?

        i suggest if there is no specific venue yet, sa Granada beach lang,(roque beach) the ancestral beach of my great grandfather melicio in Brgy. Nanga. may dalagko puno sg pahoan along highway.. tnxs

  9. 18
    isha Says:

    this is so late Steve – yes there are granadas and they own a beach resort right near the town. guimbal is a secret known only to its residents and their families (we pray it will remain like so). quaint, quiet, serene and extremely beautiful. (everybody knows everybody and damn the family who hasnt a relative in the US) during the 1800’s the spanish had a naming system imposed such that first letter of the residents surname would be the based on the first letter of the towns name. as Guimabl goes hence proliferation of G’s

  10. 19
    Frank Kahn Says:

    I am trying to locate Nathaniel Gealon a pastor who is now very sick and living in Guimbal with his sister. I have a friend woman in cavite who needs to see him badly it is a matter of live and death. Please if you know of this man help me to communicate with him. Tell him Melody Santos is in trouble.


  11. 20
    jay-r Says:

    son dn c melencio ga ubra?…hehehehe!

  12. 21
    tonette birco abeto Says:

    my great-grandparents are from guimbal, iloilo..but due to some reasons our elders keep mum about it..but its the 20th century now! me find my roots..i want to know if i still have relatives out great-grandmother is MARTINA GASATAYA and my great-grandfather is PADRE TIMOTEO GOTERA.. (now you know why?) their children are all dead now & its us the nices and nepwhes and great-grandchildren..and i think its only me who is interested to find my roots. i’m from Pasig City, Chairman of the Commission on Basic Ecclesial Communities, Immaculate Conception cathedral pasig tnx and God Bless

    • 22
      Mark Soriano Says:

      Hello Tonette,

      Is your father Tony Birco? If so, he is the first cousin of my dad, Jose Gotera Soriano. My dad is the son of Encarnacion Gotera (daughter of Padre Timoteo Gotera). You and I share the same great grandparents. My sister, Teresa Soriano Corcuera, will be visiting the Iloilo area in mid January. We would love to hear from you.
      Mark Soriano
      P.S. Say hi to Buddy Birco.

    • 23
      Mark Soriano Says:

      By the way, in case you didn’t get my email address, here it is:

      • 24
        Joselito Teruel Says:

        Hi Mark! I am from Felix Gasataya Gotera clan. He’s the older brother of your Grandmother Encarnation. I live now in McKinney, Texas. Is Jose Soriano your father? I guess your sister is on my FB friend’s list. My FB is Coy Felix Leuret.

  13. 25
    tonette birco abeto Says:

    ..oooppss sorry for the typographical errors! excited masyado eh.. its NIECES and NEPHEWS..tnx

  14. 26
    tonette birco abeto Says:

    Hay, naku excited talaga!!

  15. 27

    Hmmnn… The photo looks familiar, Hehehe…
    By the way, I’d like you to see the photos of my new-born baby. Please see it from this link: Thank you 🙂

  16. im jess granada sta ines my great great grand father is legitemate from guimbal, but my great grant father is raised in molo baluarte iloilo,during world war 2 he recruited by american soldier and he married in malibay pasay city one of respected geronimo clan in malibay my great grant father name is staff sargent godofredo vargas granada

  17. as far as muslim historian as concern the granada clan from guimbal is legitimate decendance of datu paiburong 1 of ten bornean datus migrate in panay island way back 1212AD based to the document took of muslim pirate in miagao iloilo church it was shown to me of care taker historian tausog royal family and we proud to be hiligaynon because visayan people are real sri vijaya malay maharlikan blood

  18. The church is indeed an outstanding example of Philippine colonial religious edifice. I spent memorable summer vacations in the town as a young boy. The facade used to be grey because of age old dust. It’s good that the present town management scraped the dirt to reveal the exotic color of the original coral stones. Too bad the interior of the church was destroyed during the war and subsequent earthquake. But my relatives still in the town have old photos of the magnificence of the altar as evidence of the artistry of the local residents when it came to their treasured religious edifice.

  19. 31

    it’s a beatiful town really..i love it!

  20. im proud to be a part of it…

  21. 33
    mariogencianeo Says:

    one of the oldest spanish church in iloilo, said to ruined japanese occupation but it was rehabilated

  22. 34
    mariogencianeo Says:

    one of the oldest spanish church in iloilo, said to be ruined during japanese occupation but it was rehabilitated

  23. 35
    mariogencianeo Says:

    one of the scenic spot and tourist attraction of this said municipality

  24. 36
    maryann t. macaraig Says:

    wow miss all the memories in this beautiful place .. spending my childhood and high school life… love it…

  25. 37
    Jan Rey Laganson Says:

    Good evening
    The church very nice and clean and i think 10 years pa yan.

  26. 38
    Jan Rey Laganson Says:

    Good evening,
    5 years before i went to iloilo i watch the church of guimbl very nice walang renovation ang naganap but still neat and clean.

  27. 39
    Jan Rey Laganson Says:

    5years na hindi ako nkapunta gusto na talaga pumunta dyan kasi mios ko ung baby ko na c cj at my wife Carol Gicana.Church of Guimbl dyan nabinyagan ang bta ko na c cj.i love my child and Carol.

  28. 40
    Jan Rey Laganson Says:

    I remember during the months of december town of guimbl was like pista because people was there celebrating and participating.person of guimbl hapi unlike in mindanao.thanks to the family of garin for supportive officials because for me guibl like a city.Mam,please keep your good work.for me you are the top 10 officials of thew phililines gn pasadya mo ng lubos the peole of guimbl evndo the era of guimbl its to small.

  29. 41

    God Bless Guimbal and Granada Clan”””

    my grandfather, name : Rafael Granada ( brother of Roque Granada)

    update me pag may gathering/reunion…. so far in General Santos City mindanao very intact daw ang Granada reunion..

    ako: ARN D. GRANADA (birth Place : Padada, Davao del Sur)
    3298440/ 09102831829 (wife Lorna Lao Granada)

  30. 42
    aarevalo-tutor Says:

    i love and miss guimbal..especially month of december and holy week mother is a pure guimbalenio..geanga and gerafil family!

  31. 43
    arn d. granada Says:

    calling all the heirs of my great grandfather Melicio Granada(birth 1869-Brgy. Nanga,Guimbal, Iloilo)-Wife Atanasia Gotera.they
    have 6 siblings particulrly the children of :

    1.-Rafael, birth 1891 (married to Eugenia Garriel Gayanilo)
    2.Roque- birth 1893,married to Anunsacion Orendain of Antique
    3.Florentino- married
    4.Anecita G. Aspera
    5.Primo- married

    contact me: arn d. granada 09999916115/ pldt 033 3207909- jaroiloilo city
    kitakita tayo dira sa Granada beach (9.5 hectare ancestral property) there are lots of our ancestral property to be verified and must be reclaimed)

    Gideon V. Granada is in the beach cel # 09476156033
    Ruben(son of Primo) from malaysia will arrive Dec. 2012

    • 44
      florentino duyungan granada Says:

      count me in ha ha ha Florentino (bong) D. Granada

    • 45
      asperaben Says:

      In the past years I had been trying to trace our roots in the Granda side. It seems the Granda has an interesting history and probably more interesting history in the making. . I am the son of Reynado Granada Aspera, son of Anecita Granada Aspera. If any member of the clan can provide any bits of data and information to come up with family tree and some interesting narratives – I would be willing to take the lead in jumpstarting this initiative.

      by the way, I was born and grew up in Zamboanga and with us for long years until his death was Alfredo Gotera Granada whom we know as the youngest of the siblings. Yes, he was single till his death. I wonder if he is the one referred to in your post as Pedro the ‘laon’/single. We call him Lolo Pidong.

      Let’s keep in touch… I am on facebook as Ben-Errol D. Aspera… my mobile phone is 0918-900-9229

  32. 46
    arn d. granada Says:

    tama ka , Pidong as relayed to me by Gideon V Granada could be ALFREDO and not Pedro…

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