My New Honda Bravo Motorcycle

I’m posting some pictures of my new honda bravo motorcycle. This is cub designed by honda for modification purposes but till now I was not able to modify any of its parts except adding the side stand. I have plan to change some of its part too, hopefully before the year ends. 😀

Honda Bravo Motorcycle

Side View of Bravo

Honda Bravo Cub

Front View

Papa and Carl on Motorycycle

My hubby and baby taking a pose on our new honda bravo motorcycle



  1. 1
    Cryptoman Says:

    Congratulations on your new motorbike. How fast will it go?

  2. 2
    Angelica Says:

    the fastest I’ve been on my bike was between 80 and 90 kmph

    Here’s the specification:

    Engine Type 4 Stroke, OHC, air-cooled
    Displacement (cc) 97.1
    Compression Ratio 9.0:1
    Max Output/rpm 5.36 kw/8000 rpm (or 7.3 PS)/8000 rpm
    Max Torque/rpm 7.34 N-m/5500 rpm (or 0.75 kg-m/5500 rpm)

  3. 3
    danny Says:

    wow! looks great ^_^

  4. 4
    Angelica Says:

    thanks. you can take a ride the next time you will visit iloilo. 😀

  5. 5

    Wow! Congratulations for having a new bike, girl. I should have go get for myself as well…

    And, ops, by the way, I should give you a spanking for not telling me you’re also maintaining your blog. Will it be okay for you if I put your blog into my link? That’s because you’re my Sis.

  6. 6
    Angelica Says:

    thanks kuya! hehehe I thought you already know that I maintain my own blog. 😀

  7. 7

    yes, I know, because you told me you’ll borrow some of my Iloilo photos. What you didn’t give me in return is the URL of your blog. I ask you about it in return to lending you my photos but you didn’t get back to me na 😦

  8. 8
    Angelica Says:

    whaaaaaaa…. akala ko naibigay ko na? sorry for that. segi.. please check and visit my blog everyday… update mo rin ako ng additional photo’s mo. thanks a lot.

  9. 9

    That’s pretty quick for a small bike.

  10. 10
    coolworld Says:

    hello mam, nice bike. I’m surprised to find a blog that talks about bravo.

    Mam, can I invite you to our club, Philippine Bravo Riders Club (PBRC), club that caters to Bravo owners and riders in the Philippines.

    Hope you can visit our blog and be part of our group.

    Ride safe mam!

  11. 11

    Wow! Another blog on Bravo! Hehe! Nice choice you have there.

    Up until now, there aren’t that much shops and mechanics doing modifications on the Honda Bravo. However, yes it was made for modification. Kelangan lang talaga ng marunong mag modify. Ako nga, hindi ko pa na-mo-modify ung Bravo ko, ipon pa ng kaunti…

    I own a Honda Bravo too, and of the same color. The fastest speed I had on it is similar to what you’ve said, 80+ km/hr. And I already bought it with the side stand, since Honda decided to put it back months after they released the model into the market.

    And another piece of useful information: Pwede palagyan ng kick ung Bravo. Hinihintay ko lang matapos ung warranty ko, I’ll have a kick starter installed just in case the battery goes weak.

  12. 12

    Good to hear that your bike’s doing well. Ok naman talaga ang Bravo eh, wan ko lang ba kung bakit ang dami daming negative comments and feedback about it. It’s about time for positive things about Honda Bravo. Thanks for dropping by my site! Good day.

  13. 13
    xhobe Says:

    hey.. just wondering if your on an installment basis on ur bike.. coz im planning to get a bravo too.. the term are 4500 dwnpayment and 2500 for 24mos.. is daT A good deal?

  14. 14
    Angie Says:

    sorry my bravo was not on installment… i bought it cash. 🙂

  15. 15
    Oliver Says:

    The Bravo is available on installment basis – coz I have mine on such mode of payment. The downpayment may vary on the branch where you want to get your Bravo, and payment periods range from six months to three years.

  16. 16
    nas1 Says:

    i have my bravo too, a upgrade and set-up one..soon ill publish my bravo’s photo…

  17. 17
    mavstel Says:

    hi all, i am also a proud owner of a new honda bravo…. just wanna tell you guys that my bike runs a top speed of 110 kph…. when i went to bukidnon coz im from cagayan de oro…. im proud to say it’s a fast bike for a small one…. and i am not kidding….. thanks

  18. 18
    mavstel Says:

    hi all, i am also a proud owner of a new honda bravo…. just wanna tell you guys that my bike runs a top speed of 110 kph…. when i went to bukidnon coz im from cagayan de oro…. im proud to say it’s a fast bike for a small one…. and i am not kidding….. my bravo is all stock and only 2k milage….. thanks

  19. 19
    jose Says:

    Hello to all! i just got my bravo a few weeks ago. At first, marami na akong nakitang motor sa kalye and i was not impress, parang common na kasi yung mga iba at halos pareho pareho ang dating yun nga lang nag kakaiba lang sa color. But when i saw sa isang dealer na bravo parang iba nag vibration ko dun. Then, i research for each motorcycle brands and models but in my mind that still the bravo hunting me even there are some comments. But when i ride for the first time… it’s not that bad at all… in fact, i was satisfy and happy about the rides and i feel the power over it. Now, i’m enjoying every time i ride with my new Honda Bravo baby. Happy ridding to all and Bravo!!!

  20. 20
    antonio Says:

    Hello Guys!!! im from Cotabato City…my new Honda Bravo Type 2….its a new Model of Honda Bravo with Kick Starter na yan xa…at 600+ pa lang ang tinakbo ko pero pinapatak ko na ng 80km/h di pa full throttle un…ksi break in period pa me…i think ang bilis ng bike natin mga BRAVO USERS…standard pa yan mga bro…at kakaiba tlga ang porma ng bravo…im planning to modify my bike just take a look dito sa mga na download ko n

  21. 21
    Brutellio Says:

    Hello. I enjoyed reading your website.
    Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work.

  22. 22
    yute Says:

    hello there! i also bought my bravo last jan 2007. my first, actually. i enjoyed it immensely, it took me places.
    i also changed my mags. but i peeled off the body logo kc gusto ko lang. orange din a ng napili ko. ganda no?
    i went to laguna with my biker friends and since it is my first long ride ( and break-in ), hanggang 95kph lang ang nagawa ko. kulelat nga ako e. pero supportive naman mga friends ko, lagi din akong hinihintay. ha ha ha.
    for xhobe: mas maganda malaki pa ng konti ang downpayment para magaan ang monthly. ako, i’m paying p1,600 lang monthly. d ba magaan?
    sana magkaron din ako ng sarili kong blog someday he he he:-)

  23. 23
    cruzcharliea Says:

    helo to all, may honda bravo na din ako at bago ito color white, sabi nga nila ganda daw ng color kakaiba sa lahat

  24. 24
    niel Says:

    hi all, i am also a proud owner of a new honda bravo…. just wanna tell you guys that my bike runs a top speed of 110 kph…. when i went to bukidnon coz im from cagayan de oro…. im proud to say it’s a fast bike for a small one…. and i am not kidding….. thanks

    100+KPH?? is that so???!! really?? it can run that speed?? honda bravo?? com’on…. okies… well see im going for 300+ kph on my bravo i hope

  25. 25
    niel Says:

    you can email mo on what u observed on honda bravo I’M JUST WONDERING how fast really is this bike goes.. and how many passengers does this can take? hehehe

  26. 26
    jay Says:

    I’m planning to get a Honda Bravo..
    I’ve heard that there will be a new release, and that it will have a kick start on it… Is that true?
    I feel like i wont be comfortable bearing with the push start…
    as you can see, I’m not well versed about these things cuz it’s gonna be my first time to own a bike if ever…
    I’ve tried riding some of my friend’s bikes on some few occassions…
    they’re convincing me to get a raider, xrm or a fury but i can’t afford those bikes for now…

  27. 27
    jay Says:

    guys.. any idea how much would i have to pay for downpayment and installments?

  28. 28
    eDjAy Says:

    My honda bravo 100 is runs a tops speed of 115 kmph

    I tried to drag race with my friends and i finally know that I am the best among the rest

    because of my racing cam ^^


  29. 29
    jak3 Says:

    how much are the available downpayment and monthly schemes?

  30. 30
    Jaycee Says:

    Hi.. New lang po ako dito.. Natutuwa ako basahin ang mga messages nyo tungkol sa mga motor lalo na ang HONDA BRAVO. I’m a 2 year Honda Bravo rider.. Ganda ng Bravo noh, hanap nga ako site kung saan pwede mag post ng MC ko eh.. Minu-modify ko pa.. Nasa 30 percent na rin.. -Jaycee

  31. 31
    Jaycee Says:

    Ang bibilis ng mga BRAVO nyo ah.. Sakin, di ko pa nasubukan ang top speed nya, takot ako masira….. ang katawan ko.. Hehe.. Natatakot kasi ako and besides pakiramdam ko may makakalas na pyisa.. Oops, di ah, pakiramdam ko lang yun.. Matibay ang HONDA.. Pero talaga, ang average na takbo ay 55KPH, paminsan-minsan naiaabot ko ng 60KPH, at minsan natry ko na ang 70KPH. Kabado na ko nyan.. Di rin kasi maganda ang daan dito sa Palawan, may mga lubak, aspaltado pa kasi ang ilang bahagi.. Napakwento ata ako ng konti ah..

  32. 32
    newbie Says:

    pg b malamig panahon d mahirap i start bravo kasi wla kick starter

  33. 33
    christine opena Says:

    naistock na ba kyo sa isang lugar na malamig ang clima tulad ng bagiuo tama ba spelling ko hehehhe kasi parang d na n mag start ung bravo ?

  34. 34
    Mark christopher G. Arago Says:

    Na stock na ba kayo sa Snow???hehe.. Nag start ba pa ung bravo nyo?? kasi dba walang kick starter un??? nagana ba un pag super lamig ng panahon???

  35. 35
    manunulat Says:

    Sori to barge in.

    Mam, kumusta na po iyong honda bravo ninyo? Dami na ba ipina-repair? Malakas pa rin ba humatak? TIA.

  36. 36
    angie Says:

    okay pa rin sya.. wala pa namang narerepair maliban batterya. So far.. so good.. 🙂

  37. 37
    jacob Says:

    hi 2 all bravo users, im planning to buy bravo but i still doubt the durability of bravo, so any comments or suggestions? para ma convince nyo ako na ok nga ang bravo and as soon as the basa kona ung mga reply’s nyo then il decide weather il buy it or not. tnx,may i know wat are the bad comments about bravo?

  38. 38
    bluexi Says:

    I have a one year old Honda Bravo Type II and this motorcycle exceeded my expectations. Yes, it kinda looks exotic but I focus more on functionality.
    To me, this is a good buy. A bike with no pretensions. 😀

  39. 39
    dvfdcghg Says:

    mahirap lng po pgbravo motor mo eh lagi kang aasarin.
    tampulan po kasi ng tukso ung motor na yan dahil na rin cguro sa kakaiba nitong itsura saka ung pangalang nyang BRAVO…
    yan po ang experience ko as a bravo owner. ang sakit sa kalooban pag nilalait ung motor mo. kahit ung mga nang aasar eh wala namang motor.

    minsan nga eh habang nag-iistrol ako may sumigaw ng BRAVO tapos sila sila nung mga kasama nya ay nagtatawanan kaya parang ayoko nang gamitin ung bravo ko parang gust ko na lang syang ibenta…..

    pero ok na ok naman po ung performance nya….

    • 40
      xxxxxx Says:

      hindi ko na rin nilagay ung pangalan ko nakakahiya kc eh.
      nakakainis talaga ung mga taong walang alam kundi manglait, lagi nila nilalait ung motor ko(honda bravo)
      1st year college po ako madalas po laitin ng mga kaklase ko ung bravo ko. Sinasabi nila ..bulok motor mo.. ..sagad nang motor na yan eh bente.. …pag hinataw mo yan eh matatanggal ung gulong…
      yan ung madalas nilang sinasabi.

      minsan nga eh naiisip ko parang hindi na yata dapat bravo binili kong motor kung ganito lang naman pala mararanasan ko.. sana hindi ko na lang dinala sa school ung motor kahihiyan lang 2loy inabot ko.

      may motor nga ako pero hindi ko naman maipagmalaki kasi ang baba ng tingin nila sa bravo…

      • 41
        dexter Says:

        im honda bravo user din gamit ko sya sa work pero diko sya ikinahihiya dahil matibay sya nag palit lang ako ng dalawang racing clucth spring kahit may angkas ka papalo ng 100kph motor mo.dont fill bad

      • 42
        dexter Says:

        feel bad pala,hehehe

      • 43
        dexter Says:

        at 3years na po ang honda bravo ko wala pa rin sira,stock pipe pa sya pumapalo sya ng 100kph kahit may angkas dahil sa dalawang racing clucht spring na pinakabit ko

  40. 45
    norman Says:

    17 months na ang honda bravo q…baterya p lang ang nagloko..araw2x sa commonwealth aq dumadaan from bagong silang, caloocan to Sct. ybardolaza, QC near kamuning ave…napatakbo q na ito top speed ng 100kph from tandang sora to philcoa..Hataw tla!!!!430am eun…sinubukan q…at minsan sa regalado ave sa fairview..100kph din..bilis..,ang takbo q araw araw sa commonwealth ay 60-70 at minsan 60-80kph depende kapag type q humarurot..

  41. 46
    norman Says:

    sa experience q malabo ata na mapatakbo ang bravo ng 110-115kph…cguro hanggang 100kph lang tlg…kc sa bilis na 100kph sa experience q at tlagang pwersado na ang makina ng honda bravo at parang mahirap na mapatakbo up to 110-115kph…xenxa na sa comment q..experience q kc ito sa bravo…mattakot kn kapag naramdaman mo ang takbo ng bravo na umabot ng 100kph…di ko p din sinubukan na mapatakbo q ang bravo q ng 101-115kph…kc nakakatakot na sobra ang bilis!!!!!

    • 47
      honda070380 Says:

      try to visit YOUTUBE.COM i posted/uploaded some modified honda bravo. jst type honda bravo then you can see all bravo modified pictures there..and by the way my Honda Bravo Type 2 with kick starter Color white reach 120KPH when i change my sprocket combination(high speed), DBS mufler and 2.25 rear and 2.0 front tire..try this kind of setup with out modifying ur engine. hope it help u starting modifying your Honda Bravo… thnx..Ride Safely..

  42. 48
    jerome Says:

    ako bravo ko kumbensido ako mag 2 years na sya. 5 times ko na inuwi sa zambales 80 to 100 ang takbo ko. matibay ang bravo kasi built sya wave 100. tsaka ilaw ko nagawan ko paraan para sumabay sa manubela.

  43. 49

    ang honda brabo ko okey na okey mag 3 year na okey pa ang tabo panalo talaga

  44. 50
    jonah Says:

    whats the stardard size of bravo sprockets?

  45. 51
    bluexi Says:

    14/36 ang stock sprockets.
    Gumamit kayo ng GPS para malaman ang mas malapit sa katotohanan na speed. Yung Bravo ko +10 ang reading vs GPS. Kung nagpaliit kayo ng gulong sa harap, mas lalong lumalaki ang error sa speedometer dahil sa lumiit ang diameter.

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