Orchids Garden….Blooming with Flowers

Do you have your own garden at home? I’m sharing some pictures of our orchids garden blooming with flowers (not necessarily mine.. its actually of my mom cause I barely have time to water them). Take a look and enjoy. 😀


orchids whiteorchids alone



  1. 1

    Nice shot. You’re artistic at taking flowers in angles. Your handling of angles is quite fine. As for the photo quality, I understand this is just of a phonecam, am I right?
    Kung gugustuhin mo ang photography, you don’t need to invest as much as I do. Even phonecams can satisfy you. Me, in fact, is not bringing with me my SLR everyday and I also take photos using phonecam. Please see here my flower photos and the Antipolo church.

  2. 2
    Angelica Says:

    yah right.. im just using an ordinary phonecam. pahiram mo naman sa akin yung medyo hightech mo na phone o di kaya yung SLR mo… so that i could take a much better photo’s just like you do. hehehe

  3. 3
    princess Says:

    Thanks for the Valentines greeting on my page.
    Your (mom’s?) orchids are pretty. I also have a small garden with a few orchids but they only bloom when my mom-in-law tends them!!! But, I love flowers!!!

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