2000 Bloggers Editor

hey folks! check this out! Welcome Editors!

I’m one of the lucky member of 2000 bloggers to become an editor for this new and official site of 2000 bloggers. 😀

Thanks to Elaine. She is doing her best to continue what Tino has started.

“We’re 2000 bloggers from all walks of life: Some are SEO experts, some are writers, some are sports enthusiasts, some are affiliate marketers, some are business professionals, some are political… ALL HAVE OPINIONS!!!”



  1. 1
    maldita Says:

    Congrats Angelica! So what will the site be about? Is it some kind of blog network site like http://www.pinoyblog.com or http://www.pinoyblogosphere.com? I hope it becomes that so all the 2k members can post articles and promote their blogs. We can also comment on each other’s blogs and exchange deep links to specific posts.

  2. 2
    Tania Says:

    Hello, I am just walking around getting to know my neighbours at 2000 Bloggers. There’s a picture of my shadow to the top left of your picture in the photo montage.

  3. 3
    Angelica Says:

    @claire – i read your post in there and it’s really impressive. Keep on posting on 2kbloggers.com, we need great bloggers like you. 🙂

    @tania – thanks for visiting and nice knowing you too tania. Hope you enjoy visiting your 2000 blogger neighbor’s blog like I do.

  4. 4

    how about:
    you park on a driveway and
    you drive on a parkway.

    as a filipino in the states–it gets even more confusing to try understanding ‘americanisms’

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