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Yoga Could Kill You

February 22, 2012

The Science writer for The New York Times, William J Broad has highlighted the possibility of serious health risks associated with yoga. Speaking on the Today programme on Radio 4 recently, the author stated that in his view some yoga poses have extremely high consequences which could lead to death.


The positive effects of yoga are well documented and this ancient discipline originating in India is renowned for having physical and psychological benefits. It has been claimed that yoga can help an ailing sex life, reduce stress and increase longevity. How shocking then to discover that if not done properly, yoga can kill you.


William Broad has been practising yoga since 1970 and loves it, but whilst he was compiling research for his book; ‘The science of Yoga Risks and Rewards’, he discovered to his horror that there are some poses that can be extremely dangerous.   Shoulder stand and plough are inversions which tend to be for more advanced people, but these positions are also found in many less advanced classes and can cause health complications.  It seems that the neck is the part of the body that can cause major problems if twisted too much. The vertebral arteries that supply blood to various parts of the brain are quite fragile and if twisted too strenuously the linings of these arteries can tear. This in turn can lead to clots which can cause a stroke. William Broad asserted that it is estimated that one in twenty people who suffer strokes because of these vertebral dissections will die.


Sarah Montague, the presenter posited the idea that they were just freak accidents, but William Broad informed her that there were many clinical reports of yoga practitioners suffering these types of strokes. The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the USA has gathered data from emergency rooms citing these types of injuries and there are also surveys of people reporting strokes caused by yoga. The author stressed that he didn’t embark on five years of research for his book thinking the worst and he wanted to emphasise that these are small dangers and that things can be done to lessen the risk. Pierre Bibby, the chief executive of the British Wheel of Yoga suggests the problem is not with yoga per se, rather the way it is taught that could cause problems, so obviously it is important yoga is practiced properly under the guidance of an expert practitioner. There may be inexperienced teachers who are not always aware that people in their class are not as flexible as they are. We all have varying levels of flexibility and limits vary from person to person. In a class environment it is difficult to keep an eye on all of those participating whereas personal trainers would be able to focus on the individual since personal training is usually carried out on a one to one basis.


When embarking on any fitness activity it is important to make sure your instructor or personal trainer is qualified and insured, so that you exercise within safe limits. There are some intrinsic risks, but in general yoga is a positive experience.



March 1, 2007

Sensya na folks ( Sorry guys)… I’ve been so busy lately that I was not able to update or post anything new and then nagkasakit ako. (Got sick).  Another thing, wala atang pumapasok sa kukuti ko na magandang isulat. (I’m running out of ideas/topic to write about). Hindi naman kasi ako magaling sa pagsusulat… Wala akong talent dun… Minsan nga naiisip ko, kawawa naman mga visitors ko dito, wala namang pwedeng basahing interesting na topiko. Kaya nga minsan.. napipilitan na rin akong sumulat kahit I feel so awkward writing. Ayaw ko rin naman na masayang yung pagvisit nyo sa blog ko. 🙂 Kailangan ko pa bang e-translate sa english yung sinulat ko sa taas? Masyadong mahaba naman ata. hehehe  


Work – as usual.. I’m still working with Bob (graveyard)… blogging, updating our 50 joomla websites… and 100 ebay stores. 🙂

Health – unstable…  I’m missing some sleep.

Family –  my baby got sick too… he was growing some teeth. He has fever and disrupted sleep.  Pero okey na sya ngayon… (But he’s fine now) thanks God

Lovelife – as always.. I’m happily married. 😀

The Cutest Boy in the World

September 13, 2006

Baby Carl

I’m kinda sleepy again, thats why I’m updating my blog. I believe this is the best time to write something about my cute little boy. Surely this will make me awake.

I still don’t know what to tell you about this cutie… but hey he’s my everything! He means the whole world to me.

I’m really so thankful to God for giving me this cutie… he was one of my greatest gift ever!


August 12, 2006

sleepyArticle submission is so boring that make me sleepy at work. If only this thing won’t help in generating incoming links to my site, I would not do it. Yes, you read it right article submission is one of the best ways to create traffic to your site and it can be totally free!

The best way to start is writing your own article. An article is a story about something you are familiar or interested to talk about. It is usually compose of 300 to 1500 words. To start, you must choose a topic and keep on writing. Writing articles is best if you try to discuss your topic to a friend. Then you try to recall the conversation and start typing. Then go back what you have written and try to check for errors, such as typo, grammar, and spelling.

Oh, I’m not really good at article writing, but somehow doing those things is effective. I’ve tried it several times and I was able to make an article myself.

So now, if you are after of generating incoming links, you better start doing what I’m doing. You see this thing is boring but you’ll have your price at the end. Keep on submitting!


August 9, 2006

Infelixdisinternettopia, what does this word actually mean? Oh, nothing much. It’s actually a word I made up to describe the state of being unproductive because of the absence of internet in a certain place. Sounds cool? Hehehe Let me explain it in details.

Infelix is a latin word that means unproductive. I learned all about this word from the Latin Dictionary Online.

Dis is a prefix that means “not” or “not any”. Dis- came into English from the Old French prefix des-, which in turn came from the Latin prefix dis-, which came from the adverb dis-, meaning “apart, asunder.” Please check here.

Internet, who else don’t know what is this all about? If you are reading this one, I’m sure you know what an internet is but for the benefits of those who don’t really know kindly check out Wikipedia for the definition. No further explanations.

Topia is a greek word that means place. Example, Utopia, this means no place. The “U” derived from the word “eu” which means not or non.

Now you have the idea how I made out that word. I just can’t imagine how things would be without the internet. I might turn out suffering from infelixdisinternettopia. How about you?

Writing… my undeveloped skill

July 20, 2006

Do you ever wonder how a journalist can start writing about something and turn it out into an interesting topic? Would you believe if I tell you that you can do the same?

I’ve learned from my writing class in college that the first thing you need in order to start writing is a subject to discuss or talk about. You must locate your center of interest and make sure to write something that maybe useful to your reader. This is the part that brings trouble to mostly of us. We tend to worry on what to write that could benefit our reader.

Our professor would always remind us that, worrying can’t help a lot in writing. Worrying increases anxiety, and ideas you don’t write down is forgotten. A good way to begin is to write. Don’t worry so much about your subject – start writing.

Write down anything you want. Allow yourself to make mistakes. A mistake often leads to new discoveries. Get carried away. Then pause and try to go through what you have written. Look for similarities, identify the most important parts, and arrange them. You will be amazed to know how good your writing skills are.

I am not a writer myself but these ideas have helped me a lot to begin this blog. Just the exact way I did in writing this one! Isn’t it amazing?