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Carl’s Recognition Day at Lamb of God Sped Academy (LGSA) Davao

March 25, 2009

I was shock and can’t believe that my boy (Carl) got an award in school.. the least award I ever expect he would receive.. wanna guess?

LOL.. he got the “Most Behaved” award.. the exact opposite of  what he is at home. Well, according to his teacher, he is really behave at school and he actually deserve that award.

Below is my picture with him pinning his ribbon as well as another remembrance picture from his Nursery teacher Ms.Gretchen.


Carl’s 2nd Birthday Party

June 29, 2007

Last June 15, 2007 my kiddo turns 2 years old. Posting of this pictures maybe be too late … but better late than never.

Here are some of the pictures:

Carl 2nd Birthday Party

My family

blowing his candle

blowing his candle



More pictures here.

Quality Time for My Family

April 4, 2007

My family usually spend the weekend on the mall. We shop and have some fun with the children rides. My son really enjoy the bump cars and the carousel.

Papa said: Smile!                                            Bonding with our kiddo!

bonding time





Crying and asking for another ride.

Despite of my busy schedule, as a working mom I always try my best to spend quality time for my family. Its the best way to release all the work stress. Always remember that spending quality time with your family will always bring a great result. If you are not still spending some time with them, why don’t you start now? Don’t waste more enough time… it’s not yet too late to become one of the best mom. 🙂

Carl’s Sweetest Smile

January 3, 2007

Just want to share my 18 months old little boy’s picture. One of his sweetest smile that would really melt girl’s heart someday. For the meantime… this smile is mine to cherish. I’m so proud being his mom. 😀

Carl Rogie

My Sweetest Smile


Carl’s Sweetest Smile

Riding my bicycle


Spending Christmas with my Hubby and Kiddo!

December 28, 2006

My Family

Christmas was one of the best time of the year. Its the day of giving and remembering the birth of Jesus… and for me its the best day to spend time with my family especially my kiddo because Christmas means no work! yeheey!

I was able to grab a 4 days rest since Saturday… and for almost 6 month working at AOV this is the longest time that I was not able to use the internet and also the longest time I spend quality time for my hubby and baby.

On saturday, the 23rd, we joined the family day and HS class reunion of my mom. It was lots of fun and of course there are lots of food too. My mom was even crowned as their class muse! (Maybe I could share some of her pics here soon)

The 24th was spent mostly at home except on midnight where we attended the midnight mass. Same with 25th and 26th. For others… it may seems to be a usual day where you spend the rest of the day at home playing with your kid, cooking some dinner, talking to your husband, watching movies and sleeping together. Yet for me… this is the most quality time I ever spend with my family.

This is one of the best Christmas that ever happen in my life. 🙂

The Cutest Boy in the World

September 13, 2006

Baby Carl

I’m kinda sleepy again, thats why I’m updating my blog. I believe this is the best time to write something about my cute little boy. Surely this will make me awake.

I still don’t know what to tell you about this cutie… but hey he’s my everything! He means the whole world to me.

I’m really so thankful to God for giving me this cutie… he was one of my greatest gift ever!