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Celebrating my n’th Birthday

September 5, 2008

This blog haven’t been updated for centuries LOL. I have been so busy lately, that blogging was not one of my priorities not until today that I decided it’s time that I start blogging again.

Yesterday was my n’th birthday (I stop counting my age at 23) and its the first time I celebrated it away from my siblings and parents. (I can’t say I’m away from my family as my husband and kiddo are here with me in Davao.)

I was asleep the whole morning of Sept 4 because I work the whole Thursday night. I was suppose to have lunch with my husband and Carl but I woke-up at 1:30pm, so the lunch was canceled. Instead, I decided to have dinner with Bevs, Tes, Joseph and Carl at Antonio’s Grill and Restaurant. Below are some pictures taken:

We ordered a whole Crispy Pata, Nilasing na Baka, Pinaputok na Hipon sa Bawang at Luya and Bulalo. We had icetea for drink and Buko Lychee as dessert. The food at Antonio’s are awesome and the bill was… I think it’s reasonable. 🙂

Also, as my birthday gift, my husband bought me an 18k gold necklace. Hehehe.. See that picture above. Isn’t I’m lucky? 😉

I was thinking of having a lunch with friends and swimming tomorrow but I’m thinking I’ll cancel that one. I guess, I have enough for my birthday. What do you think?