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Manuel’s Elimination on Pinoy Fear Factor Disappoints Me

February 18, 2009

Even how busy I am with my daily task, I make sure to watch Pinoy Fear Factor every night. This evening, the result of the elimination disappoints me. I was not expecting Manuel to be eliminated. Manuel was my bet to be the First Pinoy Fear Factor Winner – El Ultimo Participante…. unfortunately he got the longest time on the stunt “Ang Mailibing ng Buhay”.

I know Manuel was also disappointed that he got the longest time in the last and final week of Pinoy fear factor. He was one of the tough participants and was able to break and set records on most of the stunts.. unfortunately I guess being the El Ultimo Participante is not for him.

Now I just don’t feel like watching pinoy fear factor anymore…I don’t like any of the remaining participants. Now, I don’t care whoever wins … good thing is they are ending this week.


I guess if Manuel was eliminated because he really got the longest time and that Janna was not help by the PFF staff during that “Ang Mailibing ng Buhay” stunt, Manuel’s elimination could have been more acceptable and less disappointing to many.