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Blog Suspended

October 17, 2007

I was a bit dismayed to found that my blog was suspended last Monday and I don’t know why. I started sending email to the support team as well as asking questions to the forum but I didn’t get a reply from them after a whole day of waiting. Maybe because of the time difference in US and Philippines. Monday here in my country is only Sunday in US.

From their email I found out I’m breaking some TOS and that they have to suspend me. Awww… I have no idea I’m doing such mistakes!

I explain to them my side and after 3 days they give me access to my blog again. But… I can no longer optimize them like how I did before. That means.. no more SEO 😦

If I want to keep my blog at wordpress I need to follow the rules. So to avoid more problem I decided to host my SEO blog.

If you have time, please visit my new blog at AOV Philippines Outsourcing Service.

See yah!